Calm Before the Storm :: Wednesday Nov 19, 2014 :: Comments [2]

It has again been a very long time since posting. My photography mojo has all but gone I fear, the camera rarely leaves the house let along the bag. I did take a few shots whilst away this summer though and trying to keep my fingers busy doing something instead of holding a cigarette I processed this! Enjoy.....or the case may be :) CM2014

Uphill Struggle :: Sunday Mar 09, 2014 :: Comments [2]

These past few days I've rather felt i've been trying to run up one of these whilst it was on the way down! I've just changed to a Mac after twenty years of Windows and upgraded to CS6. The learning curve has been steep but I'm getting there and starting to enjoy it :) It's good to learn something new right? Anyhoo this image is rather old but transf erring all my files has forced me to go...

Roll Along :: Friday Jan 31, 2014 :: Comments [3]

I just remembered again that I have a photoblog! Who knew? This area has been devastated by the storms in recent weeks and a large clean up operation has been ongoing to get it back to looking like this. If I were nearer I would have liked to have gone along and helped for two reasons; 1.It's a place I love and care about and 2. There was a lot of driftwood to collect ;-) CM2014

The Worm Returns :: Wednesday Nov 20, 2013 :: Comments [47]

It's been an age since posting again, apologies. With work being the priority as always and then my other passion of woodwork taking up what little free time I have! In this instance however I seemed to have combined the two and I like it enough to post it here. Turned from a very large piece of spalted beech it is my largest project to date on the lathe and about as bit as it can handle! ...

Bar Le Duc :: Monday Aug 26, 2013 :: Comments [32]

I've just returned from holidays and I have to confess I hardly picked up the camera. What used to be interesting, exciting even, now seems mundane and lugging the bag around is a pain. I did shoot a little though and this is one of them. Whilst I'm reasonably pleased it concerns me that it's the same shot as many before it, just a different bit of rubbish!   CM2013
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