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Raw Revisited :: Feb 04, 2010 :: Comments [11]

The last few days, in what spare time I've had, I have been making a huge effort to reduce the amount of unprocessed RAW files residing on my hard drive.

Some have been deleted, some are family stuff, some are images I wish to keep but wouldn't necessarily blog and some have surprised me in that I really quite liked them having overlooked them many times. The batch I've been working on are from summer 2008 which shows you how far I am behind!

Let me know your thoughts as always.

On another note I am considering moving the blog to a new location. If I can export all of my work from the blogger version then I'll do it but at the moment it's a big IF I think. I'm not willing to move and start afresh or manually migrate over 350 posts! I'll keep you posted.


Note, well I have moved as you can see, now to find my way around customizing!!

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