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Photo Fodder :: Oct 02, 2011 :: Comments [7]

I have been pretty much up to my eyeballs in work these last couple of weeks so despite having much to process and blog I haven't found the time or the will to actually do anything about it until now!

Whilst away I got the chance to go walking alone whilst the rest of the family enjoyed the beach so I set off from Overstrand and walked the beach to Mundesley as the tide was going out. It was bliss, just me, my camera and no thoughts of work or any worries. This is rare for me so I enjoyed every moment! This was one of my finds along the way and I was pleased as punch to find it (despite the fact that the contents it once held were worrying to say the least). It was just the sort of thing I had been looking for but processing was another matter entirely, it really has fought me all the way and this is the result of my third attempt from scratch, still not sure that I've nailed it as per my original vision. Let me know your thoughts as always, they're always appreciated :-)

EDIT; Many thanks for the critique folks, I knew in my heart it wasn't right and it's good to be told so. With that in mind I have been back and re-worked some areas and whilst I wouldn't say I'm overjoyed I am happier with it. Now I'm going to stop before I throw the whole machine out of the door ;-) Re-worked version now uploaded!