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Night Post :: Aug 23, 2011 :: Comments [5]

I have a lot of RAW files from my week away but I almost didn't........

This is what I usually do when away from home; Transfer the files to my wife's laptop and then back up those files to a portable hard drive so I have two copies. That was my first mistake, I skipped the hard drive. Once home I would usually copy from the hard drive to my PC and leave a copy for backup (deleting from the laptop only when I knew I had two copies). So we got home with no problems despite not backing up, I plugged a portable 2.5" hard drive into the laptop, cut and pasted to it, no problem, then dropped the hard drive whilst unplugging..................ARGH clicking HDD and as I had cut instead of copy..........yup all gone! I tried recovery software but that only found around a third of the missing files. I was upset to say the least. I tried for hours, plugging and unplugging the drive whilst giving it a gentle tap, I've got them to work this way before. After three hours hey presto it worked and I sat holding the drive perfectly still whilst I copied them over! Moral of this story of course is BACK UP everything that is important to you folks!

So this is one of the lost shots. I went out one evening as the sunset looked good, as it often is on the North Norfolk coast and I was not disappointed. Whilst I was at it I took the chance to take some long exposures into the water etc. You've probably seen many similar shots as have I but much like HDR I think it's still something you have to try at some point.

Let me know your thoughts on this and maybe backup solutions too ;-)


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