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High Tide :: Sep 07, 2011 :: Comments [3]

I read somewhere that when shooting sunsets or indeed sunrises you should spin around and see what the light looks like the other way. This is exactly what I did here, shot minutes after the previous post. I'm not doing any kind of spinning today however as I've twisted my back somehow and can hardly move!

Further to my back up story I've been musing about our "digital" world. Something an old friend said a long while ago about not printing any longer and there would be nothing left for anyone to find IE a box of old prints in the loft etc got me thinking. We're all backing up our data, treasured images, video and all sorts of other documents. This can only get larger and thus we'll need more storage but what happens to it all in the end? Once I've stopped paying for a blog it will be deleted, stuff backed up onto hard drives will become obsolete at some point, kinda makes you wonder what it's all for and where it will end up doesn't it? For instance I shot over 600 files on my holidays, if I had been shooting film this would have been far less and then would have been printed. As it stands I'll look after these all my life, many will go unprocessed even and in the end someone will probably delete them, kind of ironic really. Time will tell..............ho hum ;-)


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