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Hanger On :: Feb 27, 2009 :: Comments [4]

I was prepared for a right good old rant today. Something wound me up to boiling point, luckily someone else has ranted already and I feel better for it. Confused? Never mind, best I leave it ;O)

Right another shot from Panshanger Aerodrome then. This is taken on the North side of the site which is actually where it all began. There are quite a few building on this side that are still in use but they belong to the adjacent farm which is a little ironic really. This blister hanger once housed beautiful biplanes a plenty and now stands like this. It's actually, to my untrained eye, not as bad as it looks and if the time and money were spent could be used again along with many of the other buildings.

I was unsure whether to walk down this side of the airstrip (it's active you'll remember) but seeing a large group of people walking around the perimeter track I decided what's good for one.... Whilst shooting this hanger I saw a Land Rover cum Fire truck moving on the other side of the field and said to my wife "think we might be in trouble". Sure enough around it came, almost drove past us but then stopped and asked what I was up to. I did explain that I wasn't quite sure if I should have been there but that I'd seen others and assumed it was ok. I have to be honest, the guy was actually very nice but asked us to hop it anyway and get back on the footpath explaining that whilst they weren't operating that day helicopters usually land on the grass quite close by.

Anyway I'm going to go back, they have a cafe there and thought I might have a hearty breakfast one day and see if they'll give me permission to shoot some more of the old buildings. I can then take my tripod and really take my time about things. I think it's worth it.

As usual I was torn between the colour and B&W you can see the colour version here if you wish. Let me know your thoughts as always.


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