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Ghost Train :: Oct 27, 2009 :: Comments [8]

I was hoping for a better day and it started out pretty well..........

I was doing a job I have done literally thousands of times over the last twenty odd years. I won't go into detail but it involves a large kitchen knife and rolling an item to trim off the excess. I slipped and put the knife into my middle finger of my left hand with all the pressure of my right arm. Stupid! Now a million jobs are far more difficult or impossible.

Don't get me wrong, I know it'll heal up but it did make me think about the disabilities that people cope with on a permanent basis. It's amazed me just how much I use that digit, even typing this is difficult. I remember my brother losing his big toe through an infection and telling me how it affected your balance greatly. He eventually lost his leg below the knee and had a terrible time trying to adjust, never really did. Sometimes when we're having a bad day and moaning about it (just as I was yesterday) we should really stop and think for a moment.....

The image then. We were lucky enough to take a steam train ride whilst away this year, it was fantastic, I felt like a five year old. I shot quite a few frames and this was one. It was suggested to me a while back that textured images are sometimes used as an excuse to cover up a bad image, I don't agree, this frame was just fine. I just happen to like to use textures now and again, with Halloween coming up this weekend I thought this had an appropriately ghostly feel ;)

Let me know your thoughts as always.

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