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Broad Minded :: Mar 28, 2010 :: Comments [8]

Is there somewhere, other than home, where you just feel, well at home?

Norfolk is that place for me, I can't explain it, just a feeling I always get when I am there. It's not just the sea which I love and I've mentioned that before but the whole county, the countryside, the buildings and the people. I've no desire to move there though, perhaps the magic would be gone then and I already live in a beautiful part of the world too.

So, obviously, this is another shot from Norfolk out on the broads nearby the windmill in the previous shot. Also another textured image which may or not be a bore for you, I was glad that a couple of you liked the last image despite not ordinarily liking textures per se, I feel that I achieved my aim and conveyed a mood rather than just presenting something that was heavily processed just for the hell of it. I have tried to do a similar thing here, let me know your thoughts as always.


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