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Against All Odds :: Feb 25, 2009 :: Comments [4]

You know what? I'm still buzzing from yesterday a little, holding all that great gear, 1DS MkIII with a 400mm L series on the end, 5D MkII etc. I didn't win the lottery this evening as far as I know so I guess I'll have to wait a little longer, where would I put it all anyway? lol ;O)

So I said I'd gone for a walk on Sunday ending up at Panshanger Aerodrome. I'm currently reading a book about the place "Panshanger Aerodrome" by Michael Packham and this little place really does have some history. It's been under threat of closure by the local council since 1948 would you believe?

There will be some more to follow on this but despite appearences here in this image it's very much alive at the moment. Over fifty light aircraft are based here at the present time, even a Spitfire, at least there was last year, haven't seen it yet this year. We get regular "displays" by a Pitts Special and an Extra 300 whilst they practice their displays on summer evenings.

I'm quite passionate about this place and it was rumoured, again, that it faces closure in the next few years and I've decided that if it comes to a fight and I can help in any way I'm going to get involved, try and save some local living history!


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